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I’ve been a primary care physician attending since 2012 but I’m also a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend.  I know what clinical medicine is like. I know what it’s like to juggle a family and be a physician. If you’re reading this, the most important things for you to know about me are that I truly care about helping women physicians, especially physician moms, and at one point, I was feeling similarly to how you’re feeling now.  More importantly, I know how to help you feel better because I’ve been through the journey and can teach you what I’ve learned. 


I struggled with it all...running behind, feeling rushed and overwhelmed, logging on at night and on weekends when I was off, having imposter syndrome and not feeling confident and of course, being the ultimate people-pleaser.  It took me years to figure out a process that works to manage my time and my feelings.  Now, I teach it to women physicians all across the country. 

My life coach certification training is through The Life Coach School.  I practice family medicine in San Diego and am honored to have received San Diego’s Top Doctor Award 4 times, including for 2023.  I am also co-author of an Amazon best seller, Thriving After Burnout: A Compilation of Real Stories and Strategies to Reduce Female Physician Burnout.  I truly take pride in being a physician and want to help women physicians enjoy medicine, manage their clinical time, and have work-life balance.  I am passionate about everything I do, whether it's being a wife, a mom, a physician, or helping women just like you.   


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