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Your Questions Answered


Everyone deserves a coach especially physicians.  All the top athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs have a coach so why wouldn't we?  A coach can offer something that friends and family cannot.  Coaching helps you find the answers to your problems.  We're not taught these tools in our medical training.  That's why so many physicians struggle to get their work done within the clinical day.  

Sure, you can learn how to do things and try to get the results you want on your own.  BUT, having a coach will get you there faster.  

Imagine how much longer and harder athletes would have to work if they didn't have coaches.  Why would you want to work any harder than you already do?  Aren't you tired of spending hours and hours each week charting when you should be off enjoying yourself?  

Coaching is definitely for you if you're ready to save hours of your free time every week so you can get back to enjoying the things and people that matter most. 

I teach you my process so you don't have to figure it out yourself!


Coaching is an investment. You learn the tools to get back hundreds to thousands of hours of your time back when you do my coaching program.

The downside to coaching is minimal to none.  The truth is that in a year or two, the money you spend on coaching won't even matter to you anymore.  The potential upside though, is limitless.  It's worth making the commitment to live a better life.  

I'm not a tax advisor but you should check with your accountant to inquire if this program would be tax deductible for you.  In many cases, it is! 

How much would you pay for work-life balance and a sense of freedom?


Whenever we think about trying something new, our brains will automatically come up with ten reasons why we should not or cannot do it.  It's human nature.  You're likely thinking of all the reasons not to commit to coaching. 


This is normal. 


The longer you wait, the less likely you are to commit.  The time is now.  To get your time back.  To find control in your day.  To feel more confident at work.  To enjoy practicing medicine and still have work-life balance.  You can choose to feel better now.


Imagine how much time you’ve given up working after clinic already.  How many more hundreds of hours will you give before you do something to get your time back?

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