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Crossing the River

I leave clinic with my work done and the sun is still out.  I feel like I can breathe again. - M.M (Primary Care)

Honestly, I was highly skeptical that Mary could help me.  I am really efficient with [my EMR] but all my visits run long and I run late.  I had charts to close in the evening.  I spent my afternoon off catching up on charts and inbasket.  I just thought that was how it was or had to be...but it doesn't!
I still can't believe that after going through the coaching program with Mary that I am now able to close 80% of my charts after each visit.  I am running less behind, sometimes even on time!!  I leave work on time with my charts closed and I am actually able to relax at home at the end of the day with my family instead of logging on.  What a world of difference!  Thank you Mary!

K.P. (Family Medicine)

I did Mary Tran's coaching and have literally seen a 180 in my efficiency in my work. I just had my second child and prior to maternity leave was taking home about 1-2 hours of work every night after my son went to bed.  I knew when I came back to work, something needed to change...After 6 weeks of her coaching, I've been back at work 4 weeks and I'm closing my charts early, getting my inbox under control and clearing it every day, and leaving on time to get home and spend quality time with both children before bed.  Mary's coaching has been life changing for me and I know it will continue to be for others.  Thank you Mary!!

N.H.C. (Family Medicine)

I was already efficient with [my EMR] but Mary really taught the importance of closing as you go. I would say the bigger thing I got out of her course was also learning to act on results rather than sitting on them and basically doing duplicate work.  It's still a work in progress because our jobs are hard but I am deriving more joy from my work now and am thankful for that!

L.K. (Family Medicine)

Clearing the back log was brutal, but getting it done, has changed my life.

A.B. (Internal Medicine)

I didn't think it was possible to get all my charting done and my inbox clean by the end of the day, but Mary made it possible! I no longer dread going to work and am so much happier. Thanks Mary!

S.S. (Pediatrics)

Thank you for the work you've done...  Thank you for the group charting course.  Your work and my commitment, have truly freed me from the control of anxious thoughts and unfinished charts.

A.R.B (Med-Peds)

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